Residential Property Search

The looks and the lifestyle

Your property search

Each property search begins with us listening to understand your exact needs in terms of property, lifestyle, location, family, budget…and whatever else matters to you.

As professional property finders we channel years of property search experience and market knowledge into satisfying your individual property search needs.

As independent property finders, we retain an unbiased and impartial standpoint ensuring that your property search is fully researched to ensure that the properties we pre-view and then recommend to you will meet your needs, aspirations and be in your best interests.

Each property search is tailored to your individual property search requirements. A typical property search encompasses several key areas:

  • Initial meeting to establish your property search brief in detail
  • Property market/area evaluation, advice and guidance
  • Proactive property search
  • Full school search
  • Property previews to sort the suitable from the unsuitable
  • Accompanied viewing of short-listed properties
  • Escorted tours of your property search areas
  • Property, neighbourhood and area analysis
  • Offer strategy and experienced negotiation
  • Management of the property buying and moving process
  • Specialist Concierge Service dedicated to removals, switching billing addresses, arranging installations and even delivering supper on your first night