Rental Search

Blink and you’ll miss out

Pure Property Finders will secure your perfect rental property, in the right location and on the best terms

The people in our specialist rental property search division are experts in their market. Their close links with letting agents and private landlords often allows them to gain access to the best properties even before they are formally advertised.

Our rental property search service is slightly different to a property finder service for a client buying a property. The rental market is even more fast-paced and the best properties are snapped up within minutes of being advertised. As property finders our job is to be several steps ahead of other prospective tenants. We need to be the first to hear about a property to rent. To ensure this we keep our ears and eyes permanently on the pulse of the rental property search markets, talking to and building trusted relationships with letting agents, landlords, developers and other property professionals.

Our rental property search service includes:

Proactive rental property search
Focus property searching and previewing to identify the best rental properties to show you

Investigation of comparable rental property prices and negotiating the most favourable rental payment and terms

Make a house a home
Introducing you to other potentially useful property services, such as bespoke furniture hire