Relocation, Relocation…

Engage a property finder to assist your relocation

Having a property finder and relocation expert working on your behalf can give you confidence and reduce any unease or apprehension you may feel about relocating.

Pure Property Finders offers a comprehensive choice of property search and relocation services to both private and corporate clients, ranging from accompanied area tours to property search and school search – we provide a complete end-to-end property search solution.

Our property search and relocation service incorporates:

  • Accompanied area tours to help you feel familiar with different neighbourhoods
  • Proactive property search
  • Property preview service to sort the suitable from the unsuitable, saving you time by only showing you immediately viable properties which match your property search needs
  • Comprehensive school search
  • Experienced negotiation on property price and terms of purchase
  • Overseeing your property purchase through to completion
  • A specialist Concierge Service which manages every aspect of your move and helps to make you feel settled in your new home and location

Relocating to a new area can generate mixed emotions. In some ways you will be feeling excited about your new property search, living in a new location, starting a new job, making new friends or being reunited with family and old friends. But as a human being it is also normal to be feeling anxious about moving to unfamiliar place and beginning a property search in a location you know little about.

Having a property search expert on the ground, who understands exactly what you need in terms of property style, lifestyle, family, schooling, location, budget…etc, will instantly put your mind at rest.

Property is one of the most important purchases you are ever likely to make, both financially and emotionally. It makes sense to get it right first time. Our multi-award winning property finders know their areas inside out and will provide meticulous information on every aspect of your relocation and property search so that when you make a decision you know and feel instantly that it’s a good one.