Property Investment Search

Insider knowledge

Pure Property Finders will find you the right investment property

Pure Property Finders has a specialist investment property search team who dedicate every minute of their day to hunting down, pre-qualifying and researching investment property opportunities for their clients.

If you are a investing in property for the first time, a property finder can that you are armed with the right property investment knowledge, manage your investment property search in a fast-paced and complex property market and ensure you have all the facts you need to make sound property investment decisions.

Our specialist investment property search division has excellent links with estate agents, letting agents, landlords, developers, private sellers and other property professionals often allowing them to gain access to the best investment properties before they are formally advertised.

Because Pure Property Finders is fully independent, you will receive completely unbiased advice and guidance on your personal investment property search.

Before we begin your property search, we will listen to understand your personal property investment needs and objectives, including your:

  • Experience and knowledge of property investment
  • Preferences on the type of property or properties you would like to invest in
  • Expected yields and return on investment
  • Level of objectivity to view the property investment as a business decision
  • Attitude to risk
  • Commitment to works or improvement
  • Property management and tenant search needs
  • Short and long-term property investment goals
  • Overall personal investment portfolio goals

If you are a seasoned landlord or property developer and would like to take advantage of the Pure Property Finders fast-track property search service, please visit to find out how we can save you time, money and alert you to pre-qualified property investment opportunities.