Frequently Asked Questions

Who do Pure Property Finders act for?
  • We act for you, the property buyer. We do not represent property sellers in any way.
  • We are also completely independent. We are not linked with an estate agency or any other business.
What do Pure Property Finders do?
  • We are a property search agent. We source properties which match client needs.
  • We also pre-view all potential properties in the market first, and present you with a short-list of the best and most relevant.
  • Further to this we will research the property or properties you are interested in to ensure they are ‘a sound buy’ and point out all the positives and negatives to help you make a confident and informed decision about the property you want to purchase.
  • We then negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf, oversee the purchase through to completion and smooth the way for a stress-free move or relocation.
Why is a property finder different from an estate agent?
  • As a property finder, we act solely on behalf of and in the best interests of property buyers.
  • Estate agents obtain a fee from the seller and therefore act in their best interests.
  • Estate agents can only tell you about properties listed on their books. We can tell you about properties listed on the books of all estate agents, as well as about properties which are not being marketed through an estate agent.
Why would I need a property finder?
  • Clients come to us for a diverse set of reasons. It could be that you are:
  • time poor – you don’t have time to waste viewing unsuitable properties or visiting every estate agent in the area to find out what’s in the market.
  • new to an area – you are moving or relocating to a new area and need an expert on the ground who can arm them with the right knowledge to make good property buying or schooling decisions
  • frustrated with the traditional route – you can’t find a property that ticks all the right boxes; they are fed up of estate agents sending them to view unsuitable properties; and, or they keep missing out to other buyers.
  • unaccustomed to negotiating – you don’t want to pay over the odds for their property, and would like an experienced negotiator with an existing relationship with agents and sellers to negotiate the best deal and terms on their behalf.
  • keen to avoid stress – moving house is one of the most stressful experiences after bereavement and divorce. Enlisting an expert will save you time, money and anxiety and enable you to enjoy the process of viewing potential properties and moving home, without the stress.
  • eager to beat other buyers – the best properties always attract competition among buyers. Many of the properties we secure for our clients never reached an estate agents window. Through our established relationships with estate agents, developers, private sellers and other property professionals we are often told about properties before they are officially advertised to potential purchasers. In this way, we can ensure our clients are given first refusal.
Why would an estate agent or seller tell Pure Property Finders about a property before it is advertised?
  • Pure Property Finders only acts for committed buyers, with funds in place to proceed. This saves estate agents time and money in advertising the property and they can satisfy their client (the seller) more quickly and efficiently.
How confidential is your service?
  • Confidentiality is integral throughout and even at the end of our service. We act on your behalf and there is no reason for us to reveal your identity to agents or sellers.
Do you search for rental properties?
  • Yes. We have a specialist rental search division who work within this fast-moving market. The rental search team will search for the right property and negotiate the best rent and terms for you.
What are your fees?
  • Put simply, there are two payments:
  • 1. A retaining fee at the outset of your property search, which is redeemable when your property purchase completes.
  • 2. A success fee upon completion of property purchase.
  • The retaining fee ensures that we are able to cover some of the initial time and travel expenses incurred during our search for your property.
  • Our success fee is structured as a % of the eventual purchase price or is calculated as a % of the discount that we are able to achieve on your behalf through negotiation, whichever is the greater. This pricing structure is designed to obtain a win/win outcome for our clients.
  • In some cases, clients find that our success fee is funded through the savings we are able negotiate on the property’s original asking price.