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Pure Property Finders is an independent, multi-award winning property search and buying consultancy. We specialise in matching our clients with the right property to meet their needs.

If you are moving within, renting or relocating to East Anglia, the South, the South East or the East Midlands, tell us about your property search.

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What Pure Property Finders do

Pure Property Finders is not an estate agent. We only work for clients who are buying property or renting property. You may be looking to move house, relocate, buy a second home, buy a holiday home or buy to let. Whatever your property buying needs, Pure Property Finders will find your ideal property, in the right location at the very best price. We will take a comprehensive approach to managing your personal property search, utilising thorough local knowledge, established contacts with every estate agent, private sellers and other property professionals together with proactive searching and due diligence to find properties that match your needs.

Alongside property search, we will preview all properties first to create a short-list and saving you from wasting any time viewing properties which are unsuitable.

Our property search consultants are skilled in researching and asking the right questions of the appropriate people to obtain a true picture of

properties you are interested in – from the history, to planning permissions, to options and costs of making any improvements. Buying a property requires both financial and emotional commitment, so there is no room for mistakes or misjudgements. Pure Property Finders will ensure that you are given all the necessary knowledge and information to make informed decisions about the property you want to buy, the location you want to live in and the purchase price you are prepared to pay.

Having considered all your options, when you are ready to make a formal offer on a property, Pure Property Finders will work with you to agree an offer and negotiation strategy you are happy with.

Our property search consultants are formidable negotiators. They will present you as the best buyer and work out how to secure the best price and terms of purchase for you.

Facilitating communication between selling agents, surveyors and solicitors, Pure Property Finders will oversee the purchase to ensure it completes swiftly and seamlessly at the pace you need.

When it comes to moving in to your new home or relocating, our specialist Concierge team will swoop in and manage the details and logistics. The team will arrange packing and removals, meet deliveries, track down the most cost effective utility suppliers and transfer bills and other regular payments to your new address.

And if you want to make your house feel like home from day one, they will arrange to have your fridge stocked or have dinner delivered to you on your first night. As a fully bespoke service, you ask and we deliver.